Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Buggin' Me

Quote O' The Day:: "There are two kinds of people -- those who finish what they start, and so on." ~ Robert Byrne

I'll try to plant enough tidbits to finish my daily ramblings. I'll try. But in another quote I acquired somewhere, W.C. Fields reportedly said, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again. There's no use being a damn fool about it."

Creepy:: And some people think I overreact when a spider drops off the ceiling onto my arm. Take a peek (if you dare) at MSNBC's cute little "animal" slide show.

Icky:: I love the coast. But I'll hold off on that trip to the watery splendors of France temporarily. Good grief. On July 15, rescue crews were called to the beaches of suburban Nice 500 times. For this.

Makes me uneasy:: I probably shouldn't even mention the site. But you'll find out about it, anyway. Now there's a place to check out if your neighbor's a criminal. Well, that's not the purpose of the, but still. I stuck my neighbor's name in and discovered he had a couple of speeding tickets. Duh. Of course, I checked myself out. I'm clean. But someone with my exact name -- middle name and all -- in my state, did some nasty things. Makes one a wee bit uncomfortable.

Not earth-shattering, but odd:: I was looking for toothpaste the other day, and couldn't spot the flavor and brand I like. It suddenly occurred to me (one of those little cartoon bubbles could have popped over my head right there in the store) that I didn't used to spend so much thinking about toothpaste. So I randomly checked out Colgate's site, where I counted 82 different selections of items to keep your teeth clean. I have a hard enough time remembering to floss.

Bothersome to anyone over 35:: Actress Estelle Getty, as you probably know, passed away yesterday at 84. Funny, funny lady. What irks me is that it's rare to see programs anymore with actors over 25. Helloooo, advertisers -- do ya think it's time to reconsider that 18-49 demographic?

That's all she wrote. For now. Until later...

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